Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 020 Gold ‘n Roses & 080 Mauves Like Jagger


Only a few drugstore eye products have managed to permanently make their way into my makeup drawer so far.

Only a few drugstore eye products have managed to permanently make their way into my makeup drawer so far. I’m extremely picky when it comes to eyeshadows; I need them to have a decent level of pigmentation and smoothness. I like my eyeshadows velvety, not chunky and overly powdery. There’s no use in shelling out money, no matter how little it may be, for a product that doesn’t deliver. That doesn’t mean that I’m always content with paying a lot of money, for say, MAC eyeshadows, so my personal for affordable yet qualitative eyeshadows will ensue forevermore.

Some positive feedback about the new Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows was circulating on the web, so I decided to head out to the drugstore to try them out, not expecting all that much. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I did swatch them in store, and even more impressed when I applied them later at home! I decided to pick up the two most interesting looking shades, Gold n’ Roses and Mauves Like Jagger.

I would describe 080 Mauves Like Jagger as a silvery grey lilac shade, with a pearlescent finish. 020 Gold n’ Roses is a gold and pinky champagne shade. Both are infused with glitter


Catrice describes these eyeshadows as being an “ultra smooth powder eyeshadow for a spectacular liquid metal effect”. They do go on quite smoothly, but it has to be said that they are still somewhat powdery. I’m not sure about the whole “liquid metal” thing, I feel like they are more pearlescent and glittery than any metallic shade I have ever tried and come across. The pigmentation is good, though I would’ve liked the glitter particles to be less obvious. It’s one of those shades where, when you swatch or apply it, the glitter particles go absolutely everywhere after cleansing. Four hours after swatching, my hand is still bedazzled with glitter! Lasting powder is okay, but not great – definitely needs a primer underneath. I feel like they are very luxurious feeling and looking for only costing €3.99 each. The shades themselves are absolutely stunning. I particularly love Gold ‘n Roses – it’s the kind of shade that I have been looking fore ever since MAC’s Expensive Pink didn’t work for me, minus the glitter. Overall they’re definitely a good budget buy, and I recommend you trying these out for yourself! These eyeshadows are way less powdery and chunky than most in their price range. There is still somewhat of a fall-out when applying these, but that’s mostly due to the glitter in the product. All in all, I’m happy to have them in my stash and I will undoubtedly use them on a regular basis.

Have you tried some of the eyeshadows Catrice makes yet? Any good drugstore eyeshadow recommendations? After trying these, I’m curios as to what more lovely drugstore eyeshadows I have yet to discover!

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