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The website and blog, Beauty Of Eden, has been created for informational purposes and to share my appreciation and passion for all things beauty with hopefully likeminded people. I do not wish to promote nor harm any brands or their respective products. I also mean no harm to other religions, ethnic groups or certain companies whom I may or may not share the same opinions and visions with.

All opinions and thoughts on everything featured on this blog are entirely my own and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. My written word is completely unbiased, honest and based on my own experience and judgment. I, as a creator of this website, am not affiliated with any brand or company and will clearly state if I am, if and when that is the case.

I know some people may doubt my objectivity based on the fact that I have been under the employment of companies such as M.A.C. Cosmetics, LUSH Cosmetics, Dior, YSL and so on, but I would never lie or deceive to appease anyone. This is not who I am and it is certainly not how I see my role in all this.

Last edited and updated on 16th of September 2015.