FAQ / Q and A’s

Q U E S T I O N S    and    A N S W E R S

Watch, Star Wars, or Star Trek? Star Wars. “Laugh it up, fuzzball!” (This one goes out to you, Caroline.)

Read on a Kindle or paperback book? Paper. I need to feel the soft yet gritty touch of paper and smell the dusty remnants of wood. I crave books every day all day and no ingenious piece of technology could change that. (Although a Kindle does a good job of mimicking an actual book, mind you.)

Go to a play or musical? That’s a tough one. I think it depends on the theme of both, I guess. Thus far I have been to more musicals, so maybe I prefer those.

Go to the theater or a movie? Movies if I’m feeling more chilled out and casual.

Hike or bike? Hike. I prefer walking. Or riding, but not on a bike.

Wear jeans or chinos? (Jamie) Jeans are life.

Have a Margarita or Pina Colada? Margarita. I despise pineapple and other creamy alcoholic beverages. Ew. (But given the choice, pls buy me lots of Mojito’s, Daiquiri’s, Cosmo’s or G&T’s.)

Drink a glass of Guinness or Fat Tire? I know I should say Fat Tire because of its bedazzling heritage, but to be honest I do enjoy a fresh pint of Guinness a teeny tad more… Soz.

Crash with friends or stay in a hotel? Crash. Hotels are for asocials.

Visit Europe or Mexico? Europe, though I’ve never been to Mexico. Don’t know if I’d make it out alive or not tbh.

Vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Alaska, because Canada. (Also: snow and forestry > beaches and volcanoes. Though Hawaii sounds nice enough as well.)

Go skiing or snowshoeing? Skiing. Need for speed.

Travel by plane, train, or automobile? Depends to where, through where and for how long. I like trains but not for +10 hours.

Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat? Live in a houseboat and travel by speed boat? You couldn’t live in a speed boat but couldn’t go proper grocery shopping in a houseboat imo.

Go climbing or zip lining? I would go zip lining all day urrday.

Go to a comedy club or dance club? Har har.

Have a night out or evening in? Depends on where we’re going out. If it’s with my squad, we’d be hanging around in a random parking lot for all that matters and we’d still have a ball. I’d much prefer chilling somewhere rad than shuffling around in a night club though. It all depends on the company I reckon.

Watch TV or read a book? Read a book for sure.

Go canoeing or waterskiing? Waterskiing. Canoeing takes way too much effort. #2lazy4life

Camp in an RV or stay in a tent? RV for sure. No cold nights and sweaty mornings.

Use Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

Choose a free trip or money? Oh free trip anytime! 

Win the lottery or find your perfect job? None guarantees happiness but does provide security, though again both possibly very fleeting. Win the lottery if no one would ever need know about it, which would preserve normality but offer the chance and time to look for something you would actually want to do without worrying about going bankrupt. This could offer multiple “perfect jobs” and no need to get stuck in a rut.

Swim in a pool or the ocean? Salt water and waves crashing on the beach or temperature controlled, lovely water all year round. OCEAN. No jellyfish though pls.

Travel by sailboat or cruise ship? I would say sail boat because it’s more tranquil but that also requires the talent to actually steer it… So perhaps cruise ship after all.

Watch sports or play sports? I don’t like watching sports on TV or whatever, but I’m cool if it’s like a private practice and I can feel the love for the game from the players.

Play dodgeball or kickball? Neither. Only basketball.

If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be? Travel the world.

If money was no object, what would you do all day? Travel the world. Learn all I can learn from all the places I go to and all the people I meet, and endeavour to give all these blessings and learnings back whenever and however I can.

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island? Is this even a question anymore? Bear Grylls obviously.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been? I want to visit all the places I’ve never been before and revisit all the places I have been before. Everywhere has something magical about it. But right now, I am dying to tour around Scandinavia. Dying to.

What is your favorite memory? I have too many to list.

Who is your favorite author? Look. Let’s start this off with stating that truly, I don’t have “favorites”. I mean sure, I can point out a couple who have captured my interest most at the moment or who have influenced me most until recent times, but the thing is… It changes. It depends. Let’s not limitate ourselves to picking just one, yeah? Good. Rant over. 

What is your favorite book? A few include: All of the Harry Potter books, the Infernal Devices trilogy, most John Green books especially Looking For Alaska, When God Was A Rabbit, The Alchemist, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Insurgent, Outlander, the All Souls trilogy, Catcher in the Rye, Wuthering Heights and so on. (Told you I couldn’t restrain myself.)

What was your favorite activity in gym class? Basketball.

What has been your biggest challenge? There’s all kinds of challenged in life. Emotional, financial, career-wise, school-wise, relational, etc. So it’s hard to pin point the “biggest” ones. I guess for the outside, and also for myself personally, it would be the day I decided to move to the UK for a few months all on my lonesome, to work with young people in care, whilst juggling with my school work as well. I knew absolutely no one there and I have never had to adapt as much as I had to at that time. It’s also one of my fondest times so far, so that goes out to show that you get so much more out of persevering through the more challenging times than to avoid them alltogether. I love myself a good challenge. I crave it on the daily, actually. 

What is your biggest success up until now? It’s a combined effort of all the people I’ve ever met, my parents and everything life has thrown at me so far: it’s that I believe that I am actually a good person. I have good morals and I try to be the best version of myself that I can be.

What does your perfect day look like? Nothing specific to be honest. Every day’s a great day if you want it to be and you make it one – though we all have our off days, and that’s okay. It’s all in good balance. If I HAD to visualize one, though, then perhaps… Well I would wake up at around 10 AM, no alarm clocks needed. Someone would bring me breakfast on bed. As long as there’s toast smeared with salted butter, served with some bacon and scrambled eggs, it’s all good. Oh and freshly squeezed orange juice if I may be so bold. It would be magnificent if the sun would be shining, but in an autumnish kind of way. A light breeze, some crunchy leaves to satisfyingly step on. Preferably somewhere in the British countryside. The rest of the day could be open for discussion. Visit a (theme) park, be a Hogwarts student for a day, chill at a festival, have a stroll through the ruins of an old city, having a picknick in Hyde Park, hanging out in the living room of a friend listening to some music and talking about life’s beauties and perils… It’s all good by me. There’s so many perfect ways to spend your “perfect day”. It doesn’t even have to be so out of the ordinary, but you did ask…

University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life? Both prepare you in their own way. There is no “better option”. Aimlessly wandering won’t do you that much good and neither would aimlessly sitting in an auditorium.

What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already? What actually happens post school. What about taxes? How do you sow a button back on? How long does a hard boiled egg have to cook for? What kind of insurance do you need? How much should you be earning? When should I settle down, and should I settle down in the first place? Who said finding a job you love doing would be so hard? Why is life so expensive? What is life?

If you were to create a piece of art, what would the subject be? Balance.

What one thing would you change if you had to do it over? Nothing at all. I mean, I could say that perhaps I would want to help certain people more or some people less, or I would rephrase a few things I’ve said, but I would never have come to these conlusions if it were not for me making those decisions, and perhaps even mistakes, when I did, now would I? You live and you learn.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? Eighties for sure, baby. Or perhaps even the roaring twenties, though I wouldn’t want to live through all the horror that happened after that. Middle ages sounds interesting enough but also tragic if you were born in the wrong socio economic class. Life is much more livable now though we often forget just how much we’ve grown in many facets and tend to only focus on how much is yet to better from here on out. Strive not for equality but for justice. A dear friend of mine once referred to the brilliant analogy between two people being the same height and thus equal, but when looking closely seeing that one of the people was standing on the crawling back of a dismissed person, which is far from just.

What does your life say about you? That I am a wanderer who craves a good challenge and a stimulating environment and who endeavours to use all the blessings that have been given to me and those I have worked very hard to earn to help those who have been dealt a less fairer hand. To be that positive, caring push in the back. To help you see just how wonderful you are and how splendid life is. To help you understand that only you can make yourself happy and that it’s not a given or a gift that we should wait around for to be thrown into our willing laps.

How would your friends describe you? I would kindly refer to my friends to answer this question.

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S (FAQ):

How old are you? 24

What’s your full name? Jolien Swerts, ma’am

Where do you live? Belgium but striving to break these borders

What do you for a living? I’m a busy bee which is why I can be a total slacker and not post anything for ages. I work as a make-up artist, though I often say that I also work as a retail artist (everyone working in cosmetic retail, can I get an amen?). I share the wonders of the artistry as both an artist, in retail and as a teacher. I’ve worked and work for many known brands such as M.A.C. Cosmetics, LUSH Cosmetics, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lancôme, Clarisonic etc. I like all domains of the trade and want to be as knowledgable about them as I can.

What does “Beauty of Eden” stand for? It stands for Eden, the religious idea of where it all started and where humanity showed their first very human flaws and fell for the power of beauty and how though it is depicted as a vile thing, it’s actually not. Beauty is subjective because humans are subjective. The beauty of Eden is subjective, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Also it has a nice ring to it.

Who designed your website? All creds and kudos go to Caroline. Miracle worker.

What do you do when you’re not playing around with make-up? As I’ve mentioned before I like to read and impromptu and ad-lib boogie that butt. When I’m not working, I’m probably spending all or most of my free time hanging with friends or family. I do like having some quality alone time, too, and I love watching series or films in bed. Whenever the opportunity (and the dolla dollas) arises I am off travelling. I like random city trips. I like chilling and I like being authentically immersed in a culture different from my own. Also whenever possible (or even impossible but I still do it cause I’m a bad to the bone rebel and all) I’m singing and jamming along to music. Not a day goes by without enjoying some tunes.