HEMA Volume Mascara in Blue


Blue mascara, it reminds me of the good old days where I used to borrow my mother’s makeup. I never really gave it much thought after black mascara made its big comeback, but recently the blue wand has resurfaced and caught my attention again – in particular the bright ones.

I’ve searched high and low to find an affordable bright blue mascara, but alas the drugstore couldn’t satisfy this need.  As I didn’t want to shell out the big bucks for, say, a Chanel one, I thought that if the drugstore couldn’t deliver, my quest would be bound to fail. And you know what they say; when you stop looking for the thing you want, you find it! I found my much craved for bright blue mascara at the Dutch store chain, HEMA.

The HEMA Volume mascara in Blue is a bright, electric blue mascara that adds volume as well as that unique splash of color to your lashes.

THE VERDICT: I love this mascara. I might even go out and buy it in black! It’s volumizing without being clumpy. I’ve worn it out for whole days and it hasn’t budged, smeared or flaked on me. It’s as vibrant as you want it to be. You can apply your regular black mascara as a base and spruce it up with some blue at the edges, or you can wear it on its own for a more vibrant effect. If worn singular, the effect is very unique. In some light, it looks less noticeable, whilst in other light it’s as peppy as on the wand. I love wearing it paired with a black winged eyeliner to make my blue lashes pop out. When worn like that, it kind of looked like I was wearing an electric blue eyeliner and not mascara, when faced in front view. The lasting power is good, especially for being such a cheap product at just €4.99! It’s also available in a waterproof version.

I think that a colorful mascara give you an interesting, unique and fresh alternative to the self-evident black option. I love how in summertime, all colors are go! What do you think? Blue mascara: go or no?

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