A while back I posted a picture to my Instagram of my newest way to spruce up your nails: ombre glitter nails.

You can never go wrong with a little glitter on the nails, even though it certainly is a pain in the behind to get off. But no worries, I promise you this style will be worth the hassle afterwards. Just follow the steps I’ve laid out for you and boom, bob’s your glittery uncle!

Self-evidently, you need to start this process off by applying your nailpolish of choice to your nails. I personally prefer placing the glitter on already chipped nails, because I’m too lazy to go through the more long winded process of first applying your nailpolish and then the ombre glitter effect, and you won’t be able to see them chips afterwards anyway. (I feel no shame.) This time I went for a lovely khaki nailpolish by Essie, called ‘Sew Psyched’ (I love this name btw, sew cool), and a golden glitter nailpolish by OPI, Goldeneye.

STEP 1: Glitter ’em 1/5

Step 1 is all about applying the tip. Just apply a reasonably thick layer of the glitter onto the tip of the nails. Think french manicure.

STEP 2: Glitter ’em 2/5

For the next step you need to apply a slightly less opaque layer of glitter onto your nails, working upwards from the tip. The idea behind this is to make the tip even more opaque-looking, and brushing the residue glitter in an upward motion. You know, like an ombre.

STEP 3: Glitter ’em 3/5

For the third step, you need almost no glitter. I usually wipe the glitter nailpolish at the neck of the bottle, and sometimes I even wipe some more off on a piece of paper. It’s all about creating that almost seamless gradient, nicknamed ‘ombre’, effect. Take as long as you need to perfect this.

STEP 4: Top coat ’em!

I hate the gritty feeling some glitter nailpolishes leave on your nails, so a top coat is indispensable. I couldn’t live without my beloved Seche Vite, which not only makes my nails insanely glossy-looking, it’s absolutely vital for the life of my nailpolish. Without it, nailpolish will most likely chip on me in a week. With this top coat, my nails last up to 3 weeks. Now that’s what I call lazy-tastic.

What you should end up with:

Your nails should end up looking like this: gradient and glittery. The ‘seam’ of the tip you started with shouldn’t be visible.

So, how do you like dem apples – er, nails ?

An example of how opaque you should apply your glitter in the beginning, and how sparingly in the end to achieve that perfect ombre effect!

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