Yesterday, the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection for Summer 2014 launched in our store, and needless to say we were all very excited for this one to hit the racks.

Needless to say, we were all very excited for this one to hit the racks. MAC frequently comes out with new collection, but not always as extensive as this one. The Alluring Aquatic collection is, in my fair opinion, one of the most creative and innovative collections to have come out, and as I’m a real sucker for great packaging, this one was pretty much in the bag since it was first announced. I picked up some of the lovely aquatic themed goodies – and honestly, if I had the budget for it, I probably would’ve bought the whole thing!

The collection consists of pretty much everything you would need to create a bronzed summer look: regular and Extra Dimension bronzers, Extra Dimension blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, Extra Dimension eyeshadows, lip pencils, Pearlglide eye pencils, duo-chrome nailpolishes and – one of the masterpieces of this collection – split fibre brushes.

As shown on the image above, I picked up the Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite’s Shell, two Extra Dimension eyeshadows in Silver Sun and Fathoms Deep, the lipsticks Goddess Of The Sea and Enchanted one, a nail laquer in Submerged and the 127 Split Fibre Face Brush.

One thing that really upped the game on this collection are the Extra Dimension bronzers and eyeshadows. This formula feels like liquid water to me. They’re so creamy, so smooth, so flawless to apply – and the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, dang! Perfection. I’ve always loved MAC for their high quality and lovely feeling eyeshadows, but there Extra Dimension ones take it up a notch.

I went for the Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite’s Shell, which is described as a “golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer”, though I find it to be more on the pink side, making it perfect for fair skinned people like me. It deposits such a soft, natural bronzed look to the face – almost undetectable thanks to the ED formula.

Regarding eyeshadows, the Extra Dimension eyeshadow in Silver Sun and Fathoms Deep caught my eye the most. I’m a sucker for purple shades, so I simply could not pass up Fathoms Deep, which is a cool toned muted purple shade with a metallic sheen.

Silver Sun is a soft golden olive shade, also with a metallic finish. It’s comparable to Sumptuous Olive, but much more toned down and metallic.

L-R: Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite’s Shell, Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Fathoms Deep and Silver Sun.

Everyone at our store immediately grabbed one – or two – of the split fibre brushes, especially the 127 Split Fibre Face Brush.It’s designed for, and I quote, “light pickup and sheer wash of powders, bronzers, highlighters, and blush.” Which is pretty accurate, if I do say so myself. This brush has such good quality, and it’s so dang practical and versatile. I’ve had a love affair with synthetic brushes since day one, and the fact that MAC has made a brush that combines synthetic and natural fibers… Awesome. It’s soft to the touch, and whilst the synthetic side picks up a very soft and controlled amount of product, the natural hairs deposits color with intension and is a dream to blend it all out. An absolute must-have!

Out of five lipsticks, I went for Goddess Of The Sea (Cremesheen), which is a muted reddish violet shade. Think of MAC Heroine combined with MAC Capricious, and Enchanted One (Matte), which is a muted peach with warm undertones.

I also got the Clear Water Lipglass, which is such a versatile product to have. It’s a sheer beige (pretty much translucent) gloss with multidimensional pearl. It’s such a lovely gloss that looks great when applied on bare lips, with its silver and cool pink shimmer pearl finish, and can spruce up any lipstick to give it a bit more punch. The swatch really doesn’t do it much justice, you have to apply it in order to really appreciate it.

And last but not least, I got a nail laquer in the shade Submerged, which is a “dark teal chrome”. This is as good of a description as you can get, as it contains hints of dark blue, green, purple and teal in it. It’s such a unique, very aquatic themed nail laquer that looks good in any season!

PS: How GOOD does the packaging for this collection look – and feel?! Just wanted to mention that. Like I said, I’m a sucker for good packaging.

Have you checked out or even picked up some of the products of the Alluring Aquatic Collection? If so, which ones and how do you like them? I’d love to hear your two cents on them!

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