It’s time to bring forth part two of these new monthly make-up montages!

As I mentioned last time, these will be featuring a couple of make-up looks I have particularly loved wearing the past few weeks, this one being for the month of June. Oh and please don’t hesitate to check out my Instagram for more shameless selfies!

It’s past June now, which means the sun’s come out – to my delight as well as my dismay. As you may or may not be able to notice, I’ve gone for a prominently more bronzed look and a less natural eye this last month, though my lips have continued to forevermore embrace the loveliness that is MAC Pure Zen. I swear this one is an endless love affair. So because I have been sporting a nude lip more frequently, I’ve enjoyed a more intense eye look to compensate.

There’s three apparent variations I’ve opted for lately; it’s either been a bronzed, warm peached up one using shades such as MAC One To Watch and MAC Arena, a more brown bronzed one using the likes of MAC Mulch, Bronze and Antiqued, or a more intense and properly smoked out look using MAC Carbon and a variation of browns to blend it all out – indefinitely and comfortably relying on MAC Corduroy, MAC Wedge and MAC Kid to do the job.

I’ve not used much actual color on my cheeks as I wanted the eyes to be the focus and to make it all blend into a lovely warm, sculpted and overall well balanced look. I relied on muted, slightly peachy bronzers and blushes to obtain this, par example MAC High-Light Powder in Nude Pink, MAC MSF in Jolly Good, MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodite’s Shell (all unfortunately limited editions – but I’m sure they can be easily substituted) and NARS Luster.

I’ve also fallen in love with golden highlighters again, such as theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and MAC Lightscapade, creating a nice shaping effect, what with accentuating my cheekbones more in general.

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