If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might’ve already seen these looks pass by. Make-up montages entail some of my favorite and somewhat more elaborate make-up looks that I’ve created over the past days, weeks or even months as I’m winning at the procrastination game. (Yes I’ve made it a game and I’ve made myself queen. Whatchagonnadoboutit.)

I love color. As you might’ve noticed, I’ve changed my hair color and it’s inspired me to use slash incorporate even more color when creating looks. I’ve always digged them as they work beautifully on my fair complexion, but now it just makes sense to reach for them more often. I’ve loved using colored mascaras such as Yves-Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils in Bohemian Pink or Hippie Green (which were LE I’m afraid) as shown on the second image. Brilliant mascara, impressive pigmentation and just an allround fun product to liven up an otherwise very simple eye make-up.

Colored eye shadows, such as MAC Chartreuse pigment and MAC Chrome Yellow mixed with some light brown shades to create an ochre shade, have been a favorite as well. I’m not the hugest fan of plain black winged liners as I have too much love for make-up to stick to just plain old black, so using my MAC Mixing Medium Eyeliner I’ve been playing around with turning my favorite eye shadows into colored liners. Always a good idea to vamp up your favorite liner based look!

As I’ve transitioned from an easy neutral blonde hair color to a more specific pink-peach pastel shade, I’ve had to adapt my color schemes to it, which is why I’ve been going for more pink tones in most of my looks. For this reason I’ve more often than not been using pink blushers as an eyeshadow, creating a more uniform yet vibrant look in a while. I do have pink toned eyeshadows in my arsenal, but blush formulas are just so lovely and blendeable, so why not use them on the eyes as well!
For lips I’m afraid I’ve still been preeetty obsessed with my favorite lipstick, MAC Pure Zen. It’s a neverending love affair, soz for the repetition but I’m not ready to deviate just yet. MAC Snob, Show Orchid , Impassioned and the ever so lovely Please Me have been regulars as well.

If you have any requests for looks or for posts in general, hit me up in the comments and I’ll be happy to oblige! I’ll be having a go at more reviews, raves and possibly even tutorials in the near future so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

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