As a blonde, it’s hard for me to find eyebrow products that don’t look either too dark or too orange on me.

As a blonde, it’s hard for me to find eyebrow products that don’t look either too dark or too orange on me. Honestly, it’s been a mission. MAC Omega is a known eyebrow product for light-haired people, and whilst I absolutely love using Omega, I was wondering what other products were out there for me. I prefer applying eyebrow products with a small angle brush, so I wasn’t too keen on trying out eyebrow pencils. But then I found something that equals in my love for MAC Omega; the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow in 10 Light Blonde.

MAC Omega is a soft muted taupe eyeshadow with a matte finish. (Clearly a much loved and used product!)

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in #10 Light Blonde is a gel-based, waterproof soft taupe brow color.


Let’s start with the obvious differences. Texture wise, MAC Omega is a powder product while MUFE Aqua Brow has a gel-based formula. They both dry down to a matte finish, so there’s no difference in that. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brows have a waterproof formula, MAC Omega is nowhere near waterproof since it’s basically produced as an eyeshadow. Do I agree with the waterproof claim? Yes, I do. It’s smudge-and waterproof, certainly compared to MAC Omega. However, this does make the product a little less easy to work with than just your ordinary powder product. Aqua Brow dries down fast, so you have to be quick with application and blending, which is not the case with MAC Omega. It’s not nearly as long-lasting and smudge-proof, but it is easy to apply and to blend. Foolproof even.

Let’s talk about the color a bit. As you can see on the image above, MAC Omega has a more pronounced cool undertone whilst the MUFE Aqua Brow in 10 is slightly, but only slightly. I don’t find it as pronounced when applied on the brows. They’re both cool-toned and ashy enough to suit my skin and hair color.

As I mentioned before, MAC Omega is more blendable, making it easier to soften the color. The MUFE Aqua Brow goes on more opaque, but with the right tools and the right timing, you can soften it up too, it just takes a bit more effort. But then again, the Aqua Brow is perfect for creating a sharp and defined brow, and you can be sure it’ll stay like that the rest of the day. MAC Omega may fade throughout the day, depending on what you are doing that day. It’s easier to smudge, especially when it’s hot outside – but bare in mind, I have combination skin so most products tends to slide somewhat throughout the day. Not the Aqua Brow though, as it’s designed to do.

Can’t say much about MAC Omega’s packaging. It’s a pot. It’s fine, it’s effective. Same for the MUFE Aqua Brow one. It’s perfect. It’s a tiny squeezy tube designed for maximum control, minimum wastage (though getting the right amount out takes some practice) and no chance of the product drying out in the tube. Honestly, you only need the tiniest amount of this product, it’s so pigmented.

I apply both products with a small angle brush, one by EcoTools to be specific. I might purchase a finer angled brush for achieving a more crisp line, but that’s besides my point. (Focus!) My preferred way of applying the Aqua Brow is by squeezing a tiny amount on the back of my hand, spreading half of it out with my brush and then applying it on the brows. To get the most natural look, comb the hairs of your brows downwards before applying, to prevent the product from only sticking to your hairs and not your actual skin, which prolongs the staying power of your newly drawn on brows. Don’t forget to comb the hairs back into place afterwards or strange looks are ensured. Just sayin’. I start applying on the outer parts of my brows. I think it looks nicer if the darkest application is on the outer parts to achieve a gradient effect. The inner parts of my brows always contain the least amount of product, mostly whatever is left on the brush. Harsh brows just don’t suit my fair complexion. I do tend to darken them up slightly when I’m going for a more dark eye look, but on a day-to-day basis I like the gradient effect. Like I said before, this takes more practice with the Aqua Brow, but it’s worth it.

Now, which one do I prefer? Honestly, I like them both equally. They both provide me with the perfect cool-tined, ashy natural looking brow. I use them both interchangeably. If I know it’s gonna be a long day where I need my brows to stay perfect the whole day through, I go for the Aqua Brow. If I’m only going out for a bit I tend to go for MAC Omega, since it takes less time and effort to apply. They’re both holy grails and they both have a place in my personal and professional kit.

If you’re someone who wants their brows to stay put from the moment they apply them to the moment they have to take them off, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is just the thing for you. If you’re not that bothered with the staying power and you prefer an easy, foolproof way of applying, go for MAC Omega. Though I’m not saying that the Aqua Brow is hard to apply, it just takes some level of efficiency.

The Make Up Forever Aqua Brow comes in 7 shades.

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