NARS Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm and Belize


Now, normally I’m not a lip gloss kind of gal. I don’t like their stickiness and the way my hair always gets stuck to my lips because of it. I don’t like leaving sticky marks on everything. But occasionally, when my hair is tied up and my make-up is begging for some glossy lips.

I’ll give in and go for the few lip glosses I actually don’t mind wearing, mainly these two from NARS. These glosses aren’t too sticky and they look so dang lovely, I couldn’t bear to ignore them – not when I saw them in the store and not when they’re lying in my drawer.

NARS Belize is a milky brownish pink with a subtle coppery red and golden sparkle. It looks darker when swatches than it does on my lips. It provides the lips with good, opaque coverage. It has a creamy texture and thus a smooth application.
NARS Super Orgasm is a light pink with a hint of coral and a golden sparkle, which is fairly obvious but not at all obnoxious. It is semi transparent – it’s not a very opaque color, but it provides the lips with enough color to show off it’s pinkness and golden sparkle. On some lips it gives off a bit of a milky look. Its texture feels more gel-like than creamy. I do feel like I need to apply at least two layers for it to properly show up on bare lips.

THE VERDICT: I like these lip glosses a lot, especially seeing as I’m not the biggest fan of lip glosses in general. I like the glamorous look of NARS Super Orgasm, the freshness of a coral pink with those lovely golden sparkles, just as I like the luxurious, creamy look of the MLBB NARS Belize. They stay put for a decent amount of time, depending on what you do. Lip glosses don’t stay put nearly as good as lipsticks, but often I apply both, which makes elongates the lip gloss’ longevity. NARS Super Orgasm can sass up pretty much any lipstick that falls under the same color category – I love it paired with MAC Creme Cup and MAC Ravishing. MAC Belize is opaque enough to not need anything else, though it looks nice over for instance MAC Modesty. Overall, if you’re a lipgloss lover or you’re planning to venture into the realm of glossy lips, I would highly recommend you trying these or maybe other NARS lip glosses. They have a reputation to be quite sheer, but NARS Belize proves this wrong-so maybe there are other shades that do the same? I’ve heard a lot of great things about their relatively new ‘Larger Than Life’ lip gloss range, too. They are quite pricey at €25/£17.50 a pop, but if you think you can get your wear out of them, they’re definitely worth it.

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