REVIEW: Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Lavish Lilac & Fuller Fudge


Only a few drugstore eye products have managed to permanently make their way into my makeup drawer so far.

I’m a sucker for cream products. Cream foundation, cream highlighters, cream blushes and… cream eyeshadows. And I’m a sucker for hassle-free products and make-up looks. I can be extremely lazy, even when it comes to doing my make-up. Don’t judge me on it. Karma will get you. Anyway, these chubby sticks for eyes come in eight different shades, but to be honest only these two shades, Lavish Lilac and Fuller Fudge, appealed to me. Fuller Fudge ’cause I love brown one-eyeshadow looks, and Lavish Lilac because it’s such a beautiful  shade and, even more importantly, it’s a shade I’ve never come across before.

09 Lavish Lilac is a cool-toned lavender-lilac purple shade with a slight metallic sheen (though it doesn’t look as metallic when applied on the eyes). 03 Fuller Fudge is a chocolatey warm bronzed brown shade infused with gold glitter.


Clinique claims that these shadow sticks provide you with “a sheer wash of lightweight, creamy colour” which is “layerable, long-wearing and versatile” and gives “a swift wash of colour”. Although obviously exaggerated, these do provide you with a semi-opaque “wash of colour” that stays put for a decent amount of time considering it’s a cream product. It is most definitely a product that is layerable to accomplish a more opaque colour.

The sticks glide on fairly effortless onto the lids without no tugging involved. I would describe the texture more as a dry wax than a cream, but it applies smoothly nevertheless. The only issue might be the low level of blendability of this product. You have to blend quickly and somewhat roughly with this product, though warming it up on your hand or when applying with your fingers does help with this problem. Perhaps it would be more blendable if it was more creamy, but then again it would probably crease more quickly, so I’m not too fussed about it.

I must say that it’s more long-wearing than I would have thought, but it still fades within a few hours if I don’t use a primer underneath it. My primer of preference is MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. With use of a primer, it doesn’t crease or fade, even after 8 hours. Even without using a primer it never creased on me, just faded, which is impressive.

My preferred method of applying this product is with my fingers. When applied directly onto the eye, it doesn’t deposit nearly as much color. I think the reason for that lies in the fact that without primer, the stick has trouble adhering properly to the lid, and when you do use a primer underneath, a paint pot in my case, you kind of smear your shadow stick with the primer which creates a layer of primer, ergo another color, on your stick, thus not allowing the actual color of the stick to come through well enough.

Regarding the shades themselves, I can’t really fault them. Fuller Fudge is that chocolate bronze color that goes with pretty any look. I like to either use this as a base for a brown-eyed look, or just on its own. It’s not too warm for my fair complexion either, which is a huge bonus. The gold glitter particles in it make it even more lovely. And it’s so freaking easy and quick! Lavish Lilac is probably my favorite shade though, because it’s such an unique and complex shade. It compliments my fair skin and blond hair extraordinary well, and provides you with a subtle yet sophisticated look. The two shades go together like a dream, even though they’re totally contradictory colours. The big advantage for me is that they’re the perfect product and shades to provide me with a quick and easy make-up look without too much fuss, whilst still giving my make-uplook some sophistication. Perfect for on the go! And what makes it even more great is that they’re twist-ups, which means no fussing around with sharpeners and no wasting any product!

Overall a great, easy product. Totally recommend it, especially Lavish Lilac! It’s the first really wearable purple shade I’ve ever come across.

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