Stila Convertible Color in Lillium and Gerbera


Lately I’ve been absolutely loving the natural, blowy finish cream blushes give me, and Stila make two of my favorites; the Convertible Colors in Lillium and Gerbera.

The shade Gerbera has been famous in the beauty community for a while now, but when I first swatched it in the store the, I thought it was a tad too bright for my liking, so I went for the lovely pink shade, Lillium. But I couldn’t put Gerbera out of my mind, so before I knew it I was at the cash register at Space NK, Gerbera in hand.

Stila Convertible Color in Lillium is a muted old pink. It paints my cheeks a lovely, natural rosy flush.

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera is a soft peachy pink. It looks brighter in the pan than it does on the cheeks, where it turns a more warm shade. It doesn’t turn orange-y on my cheeks either.

Lillium and Gerbera might seem slightly similar when swatched in the store, but look uniquely different when applied on cheeks and lips! Lillium is way more subdued pink color whilst Gerbera is a more vibrant soft peach-pink.


Aaaaaa love dem! These blushes are highly pigmented, blend able, easy to apply and have good staying power – definitely for being a cream formula. They don’t turn completely matte, but leave your cheeks with a nice, healthy looking glow. I mentioned their high pigmentation, but it’s important to note that they are not too pigmented that you have to be extremely careful. Mostly, one layer is sufficient for me. Besides using my fingers for application, my favorite tool to use for cream blushes in general is the Real Techniques Face Brush. Its density and synthetic hairs makes for a flawless application. The feel of the blush is slightly tacky yet not sticky – and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin either. It’s just creamy, as a cream blush has to be. It might be a bit too creamy for people with slightly more oily skin. I can imagine it looking great on tan skin tones, too, but maybe not so much on more dark skin tones.

As the ‘convertible’ indicates, it’s a multifunctional product as it’s also marketed for use on the lips. For that purpose, it works okay but not wow. It looks way more light, slightly pastel, when applied on the lips. It looks nice, especially Gerbera for a nude but not too nude look. The big downside to using this on the lips, is that it’s very drying, so I highly suggest you use a lip balm before applying.

Overall I really, really recommend trying these cream blushes out. They look natural, are easy to apply, have the right amount of pigmentation and have a preferred cream formula; they melt into your skin, not off of it. As for use on the lips, they’re not bad-looking at all if you just remember to hydrate your lips thoroughly beforehand.

I bought mine for £16 ($25) a piece. I’m definitely hopping in there next time to pick up another shade! Perhaps Gladiola?

What are your favorite cream blushes? I’m dying to try more!

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